Tuesday, 12 October 2010

From the Desk of the Sell Out Generation...

Once again, the hand of the Desk has been forced...

As I emerge from retirement (once again) only to discover that I am still behind the technology curve (pen and paper will make a retro come back I swear), I find that the long held dream that people could work together in this country was just that...

(yes it took that long, the Desk has truly sold out and now possesses the next generation of bitter ranters)

Where was I... ah, yes... a nasty sick little dream. The kind of which you wake up from sweating, absolutely certain you're late for work even though it's Saturday, in a bed you don't recognise, with a smell that suggests curry, kebab and lager were to blame, with a pair of knickers on the floor that could comfortably conceal a Silverback Gorilla's modesty... IN PURPLE, with bum streaks, and a pocketful of receipts that suggested you're guilt caused you to pay for everyone's hangover, ALL NIGHT...

A coalition in Britain WAS NEVER GOING TO WORK!

Whoah, alright let me rephrase that...

A coalition involving Tories was never going to work... they are the end product of 300 generations of inbred bastards trained for dictatorship. In god's name which IDIOT in the Lib Dem's genuinely thought it could work....

I know Spitting Cobras with more integrity than the lowliest Tory backbencher, let alone the devious, vicious, blue-blooded, inbred Tory with the naturally born pathological ability to kill its grandmother with zero remorse, sell it's young for a hard-fought, blood-curdling profit margin, and eat it's wife but only if she's served with a damm fine Petrus, otherwise grill up the home-help with Lamb's kidneys and save her for a slightly better occasion, just for the chance of a place on the front bench....

You bring this misery on yourselves. You clearly have no desire for a better society, a society with more equality, not less, a society that actually has public healthcare, where EVERYONE can travel around and where a pension and comfort in old age ISN'T merely the right of wealthy and "noble born" (and I use that phrase in the loosest possible sense imaginable) bastards...

Then again, if you couldn't see that that evil sodding worm Clegg, is merely a Tory in Lib Dem's clothing, well then that's you're own problem.

It seems I have to dust off the Cape and Superhero mask, practise my wit once more on your simple minds and relight the flames of the All Powerful Coffee Furnace of Ni Spresso Toosh Oggars Pleeeeeez.

Carry on, :)

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