Friday, 26 June 2009

Desk of the Sell Out Generation - A shiny new dawn full of wonderous dewy hope... BLEURGH!

So whose the third then? Well come on, Fawcett, Jackson and whose number three? Dammit we can't have the headline, "They always go in three's with just 2 names... THINK DAMMIT THINK!"

Welcome back. No excuses, no reason, no nothing, just shut up, sit down and listen. Its not over, its only just begun. A new era for the desk. A slight change in fortunes you could say.

For years I, Falling Carefully, the intrepid explorer of the filth you call "soooo yesterday" have roamed around my desk sipping coffee hoping the Comms Ed would see someone else when they came up with the next brilliantly unwitty story... anything from "Fat... its STILL a story we go on and on about!" to... "How can you make ugly, sexy, or even vice versa!"

But not, that was the old Falling. Hiding from responsibilty, shirking his duties. Running away from the work but still commenting as though a witty phrase shouted over my own shoulder as I ran for cover made me so much cleverer than anyone else.


Well apparently its time for a change... Selling Out was "sooooo yesterday"... but what is today... apart from cloudy gray and the 27th of June 2009?

It could be, as I've already said, had you been listening... or reading with attention earelier, a new beginning.. or it could be more of the same.

Apparently Mike's dead. Can we have a poll please... I don't wnat to know why you think he was cool or should have been butchered in his bed... I just want a YEs or No response? Was Mike alright? Yes or no?

And seriosuly... I DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOUR REASONING... I've heard all of it from all sides before... just a simple Yes or no? Was MIke alright?

This is FallingCarefully wondering what the hell is going on. As the details emerge I'm sure it'll become clear, but last time I could actually focus on anything, I had to gnaw my own arm off in the hope that she wouldn't wake up and I could make my escape without all that awkward, yeah, that was nice, call me, er sure... crap.

This is Falling Carefully testing out a new keyboard, a new morning, a new direction, a new philosophy.. its based quite clearly on the old way, but Madonna style, I'm trying to reinvent the same old crap and repackage it as something new... hey, maybe she'll be number 3... we live in hope. Child kidnapper that she is... oooh did I say that out loud... YES, I did... just cos you're rich enough to BAMBOOZLE the poor parents of young children who you think are "sweet" doesn't mean there isn't something FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG ABOUT BUYING LITTLE POOR CHILDREN FOR YOUR COLLECTION MADONNA!

Carry on.

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