Sunday, 8 November 2009

The moral pixie on your shoulder demanding a more respect!

Welcome back, so have you bought in yet?

We're living in a new age, a shiny sparkly age of promise and hope and dreams and, er stuff. Get on the band wagon, vote for a moron to win fame and money, then read about their inability to cope with instant fame.

Why not ignore politics and just moan about it, then get screwed over by power hungry politicians who have no self-control or moral compass?

How about you happily dwell in a country that has royally screwed over every third world nation it could in the name of profit, but when the banks do it to you, act all indignant...

Welcome to 21st century Britain kids. The 20th century sold out for money, plain and simple. Its time for you pathetic whinging little children to start BUYING BACK IN.

You want respect... ITS NOT GIVEN AUTOMATICALLY, you have to earn it.

You want ANOTHER TV, a bigger car, a better mp3 player... why? In god's name why if the old one works? Losers!

Capitalism is raping you and you buy into it willingly. Well why not buy back into social character, into respect, into community, into volunteering, into giving instead of taking...?

Its time to ask yourselves if you deserve what you've got... seriously.

Off you go...

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