Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Baby-boomers are to blame

Face it, they're an overly selfish bunch of money grabbing scum who, as a generation, single-handedly dismantled every social construct that protected us from our own self-destructive behaviour, and NOW they have the audacity to whinge that you want to put them into an old folk;s home instead of letting them move in with you so you can mop up their piss...

OK, I admit it, a very harsh way to have a go at the olds, but christ they have a lot to answer for.

They gave us consumerism, rebellion, greed, global tourism, car-obsession, throw-away society, e-numbers, industrial corner cutting, toxic waste, Nimby-ism, the death of the pension and even the destruction of that system and even such socially destructive ideas as nihilism, atheism, feminism, and worst of all bloody Liberalism.

If you want to thank your parents tell them you've gone and learnt the values they forgot to bloody instil in you cos they were too busy chasing American dreams of car and home ownership whilst competing with each other for who had the best Habitat/Ikea/Heal's kitchen, German car, and international holiday destination...

They are the last generation with pensions that will actually work and pay out a real liveable wage. They are the generation that force fed their children e-numbers, factory created food, cannibal food (from cow's who ate ground up cow... they're fucking vegetarians for god's sake... BSE wasn't a surprise it was fucking inevitable).

They are the generation that gave us share-holders... they are the generation that are at the reins of the banks and are currently strangling all sense of dignity and respect from British culture as we speak. They are the generation who revel in greed, who laugh at losers and who epitomise the anti-thesis of all the values they apparently raised you to believe. Decency, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect.

As a group of people goes, the baby-boomers are a pretty pathetic, bunch who really do actually lead me to my next point very neatly. Logan's Run was disturbingly prophetic.

Falling has been saying this for years now. There is a finite amount of resources, and we're already involved in a full out economic global World War for them as it is... its only a matter of time before we actually start invading places like Iraq so we can ensure that we have fuel for hte future... oh... wait, hang on a minute.

I would like to propose a cull... trouble is, I have no idea nor the guts I must admit to propose the parameters for it. Should we have a World War? should we release the plague? Should we go on race, age or hair colour? I don't really know, but at the moment we are indirectly accepting a cull fo the poor whilst idolising the rich so for argument's sake the cull is in progress, I just think we should be able to discuss this for a minute, because the bankers/wealthy have been in charge of this cull process for long enough...

Time for a vote... should we cull people based on their proportionate wealth relative to the "good deeds" they do with said wealth? Rich philanthropists are exempt, rich slackers get the chop?

Time to decide cos unlimted life-styles as established by the abby-boomers is a LONG dead concept. Answers please on the last un-skinned marsupial that hasn't featured on a baby-boomers dinner plate at some arsey 5 star Gordon Ramsay shithouse eaterie please to the usual address...

Carry on.

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Ed said...

The Value of Values

An individual’s values are established in childhood and serve as filters when determining right from wrong throughout the person’s life. In today’s society, the process of establishing values within children is given little concern. People place greater emphasis on day to day activities and personal ambitions, than they do on the establishment of values within their children. By default, parents are teaching their children that values such as integrity, respect for life, courage of conviction, a purposeful life and generosity, are secondary to making a living.

In truth, it does not have to be this way. It is a matter of choice.

The “The Value of Values” teaches us why a values-conscious society is important. You will learn the actions that are needed. You will learn how to sustain the drive.
“The Value of Values” is a must read for every parent concerned about the direction of our society and the challenges our children will be facing.

Ed states: “we have three possible choices”.
1) “Do nothing different than that which we have been doing. Complacently accept things as they are and will be.”
2) “Hope that our leaders will guide society in the proper direction despite the fact that they place values second to ambitions.”
3) “Accept our personal responsibility to our children. Accept that real change is not passed down from leaders, but rather, it is driven up from the people. Accept the fact that we each have within us the ability to make things different for generations to come.”

“The choices we make today will determine the society of tomorrow.”